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He’s Saving a ‘dying hobby’

The Motor Doctor’s Lionel Train Repair Site

Lionel train motor repair is one of the Motor Doctor’s specialties.  The Doc can perform a wide range of Lionel train repair services that include Lionel train repairs not typically covered nor performed by most Lionel train repair centers.  You can count on the Doc to handle difficult Lionel train repairs and Lionel train motor repairs such as armature rewinding and armature coil-to-commutator repairs.   Included in the scope of the Doc’s Lionel train repair services are complete motor field repairs and general solenoid rebuilds for accessories that use coils to activate mechanical features such as semaphore flags. So….please read on and learn about what the Doc can do for you when it comes to pre- and post-war Lionel train repair and the repair of other trains by MTH, Bing, American Flyer, Atlas, Ives, Bub, Marx, LGB and more!!